Superbreak becomes preferred supplier for UK airport and cruise port hotel stopovers for TUI UK

Superbreak has announced that is it entering into a new commercial deal with TUI UK, supplying airport and cruise port hotel stopovers for the Germany-based company.

The agreement covers Touristik Union International’s (TUI) agency network, which includes Thomson and First Choice, as well as other non-retail distribution channels. Previously, Superbreak supplied only airport hotels in London and throughout the UK for First Choice.

Superbreak offers 160 hotels across 35 UK air and cruise ports, with the majority providing both hotel-only and inclusive hotel plus parking offers. Airport hotels in Manchester, as well as other properties across the UK will be included in the new deal.

Superbreak sales director, Ian Mounser said: “As well as helping TUI to grow their UK airport hotel sales, we are confident it will help them grow their core UK hotel short break sales also.

“In addition, it reinforces our position as the leading supplier for UK airport hotel bookings from the retail travel high street.”

TUI was an industrial and transportation company until 2001, after which the company reinvented itself as a tourism, shipping and logistics company. Today it is one of the largest tourist firms with interests across Europe, owning travel agencies, hotels and TUI AG Airlines, the largest holiday fleet in Europe. Its common brand TUI fly encompasses a total of 7 airlines. In 2007, the TUI AG tourism division merged with First Choice Holidays PLC to form TUI Travel PLC.

TUI UK and Ireland distribution director Nick Longman said: “We are very pleased to have further cemented our relationship with Superbreak through this new agreement. They have been a great partner for both Thomson and First Choice over the years and we are confident we can build on this past success.”

About Superbreak: Superbreak is the internet division of Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited, the market leader for short breaks and hotels in York and throughout the UK. Superbreak is part of Holiday Break plc, a publicly quoted leisure company whose share price can be found in most major UK newspapers, or at

Based in York, England, Superbreak specialises in booking 2-5 star hotel accommodation throughout Britain for the leisure traveller. Superbreak holds allocations of rooms at all hotels and can make bookings up to and on the day of departure.

Today over 1.5 million customers enjoy short breaks from Superbreak which include theatre breaks, theme park and attraction breaks and luxury breaks.

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Superbreak Has Announced Plans To Expand Its Overseas Accommodation Network, After Managing To Book 100,000 Travellers Onto Its Overseas Accommodation Programme In The Last Year

Superbreak, the leading short break holiday company, has announced plans to expand its overseas accommodation network, after managing to book 100,000 travellers onto its overseas accommodation programme in the last year. A new target of 115,000 has been set for the next 12 months, up to the end of September 2009.

Superbreak’s 2008/09 programme features new destinations including Brisbane in Australia, Auckland in New Zealand, Fez in Morocco and Palm Springs and Washington DC in the United States. More than 300 new hotels and additional excursions are also included in the programme.

The new brochure from Superbreak covers more than 1500 properties in 200 locations across both short and long haul, including hotels in Paris and hotels in London. A further 300 properties will be available online for agents to sell.

Almost 200 properties are new to Superbreak for 2008/09. The mix of properties on offer is now 70% cities, including hotels in Edinburgh, Prague, Rome and other popular European destinations and the other 30% are beach properties, 25% of which are self catering. All inclusive options are also to be offered.

Sales director for Superbreak, Ian Mounser said: “As an operator that has been working closely with agents for over 25 years, we definitely represent a strongly trusted supplier of overseas accommodation in the current climate.”

He added: “This year we’ve concentrated hard on redefining the mix of properties we offer and this is the second year that we have combined both our beach and city products and we now feature accommodation, excursions, transfers and attractions worldwide.

“With 78% of our overseas programme being three or four star properties, we cater particularly well for the middle market looking for great value.”

About Superbreak:
Superbreak is the internet division of Superbreak Mini Holidays Limited, the market leader for short breaks and hotels in York and throughout the UK. Superbreak is part of Holiday Break plc, a publicly quoted leisure company whose share price can be found in most major UK newspapers, or at

Based in York, England, Superbreak specialises in booking 2-5 star hotel accommodation throughout Britain for the leisure traveller. Superbreak holds allocations of rooms at all hotels and can make bookings up to and on the day of departure.

Today over 1.5 million customers enjoy short breaks from Superbreak which include theatre breaks, theme park and attraction breaks and luxury breaks

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The Santorini Beheading Raises Questions On Traveller Safety In Greece

When Athanassios Arvanitis, a Greek citizen, killed and beheaded his girlfriend Adamantia Karkali and carried her head all around his village of Vourvoulos in Santorini, Europe was shocked to learn of the grisly crime that rocked what was known to be a peaceful island paradise in Greece.

It was a crime story that seemed more fitting as the plot of a Hollywood drama. It started when Arvanitis cut off the head of a dog that belonged to Karkali with a butcher’s knife at the balcony of their house. Arvanitis then chased after Karkali, stabbing her at the armpit and then beheading her.

Afterwards, the man paraded the head around his neighbourhood. What ensued was a long chase by the police, which left two women doctors and a tourist injured. The police shot Arvanitis five times before he could be subdued.

While Santorini residents are certain that this is the most violence that occurred in the island since the Second World War, reports say that this is neither the only nor the last criminal incident that happened in Greece during the peak of the tourist season. This brings to question whether it is still safe to travel to Santorini and other destinations in Greece.

Greek Tourism Minister Aris Spiliotopoulos assured the public that his ministry will take measures that will enhance the safety of all tourist resorts in Greece, including Santorini so as not to affect the country’s booming tourism industry.

Visitors are nonetheless advised to ensure their personal safety when travelling to Santorini and elsewhere in Greece. One of the best precautions that tourists can take when holidaying in Santorini is booking their accommodations at a hotel that is known not just for comfort and convenience but also for safety.

When choosing a holiday apartment or a hotel in Fira, or a hotel anywhere in Santorini, visitors are enjoined to make certain that their accommodations are well guarded by qualified personnel, such as security guards or a doorman. Tourists are also advised to tell the receptionist in duty at their hotel of where they are going and when they are expected to return before they leave the hotel’s premises.

One of the safest Santorini hotels is Hotel Mesotopos, which is located near Fira, the capital of the island. In this hotel, guests are guaranteed to have the comfort and convenience that they expect from a premier tourist destination like Santorini. They are also assured that their stay there will be safe at all times.

For more information on Santorini Hotel Mesotopos, please visit the website

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Travel Tips & Bargains – Book ahead or you’ll pay more

Whether you plan to stay stateside or go abroad, the odds are you’ll have to book a flight. With fewer available seats to go around, the average price of a Thanksgiving domestic airline ticket is running $30 to $70 more than last year. Christmas travelers can expect to pay $35 to $80 more for an airline ticket home this holiday season according to

Tips & Bargains

1) Don’t wait. Book ahead or you’ll pay more.
Travelers should book winter and holiday travel early to save money and avoid getting shut out from their favorite destination, as planes fill up, remaining seats will quickly become more expensive.

2) Fly off-peak days around the holidays.
Avoid returning over the weekend; take Monday and Tuesday flights if you can.

3) Know when to book.
Cheapest fares are available on Tuesdays. Airlines tend to release new fare sales early in the week, and last-minute airfares for the upcoming weekends are plentiful on Tuesdays as well.

4) Target off-season destinations.
Cruises and Tropical destinations are usually cheaper during Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

5) Buy insurance.
During busy travel periods, there’s a greater risk that things will go wrong. Lost luggage or a canceled flight is far less aggravating when you know that you’ll be reimbursed. Travel insurance is relatively cheap and easy to buy online.

6) Fly early and non-stop.
Airport delays tend to pile up as the day wears on, creating afternoon logjams. Opting for an early-morning and, preferably, non-stop flight is your best defense against getting stuck in airport hell.

About is a Global Online Travel reservation system designed to save your time and money. Visitors to can shop securely 24/7 for the best possible deals on Airline Tickets, Hotel Rooms, Vacation Packages, Car Rentals, Cruises, and travel Activities. Travelers can select from over 115,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, leading rental car companies, major cruise lines and hundreds of traditional and low-budget airlines to book travel services instantly and securely.

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Hotels.Com Offer Discount Rates On Hotels To Tie In With The Release Of The Latest James Bond Film

To coincide with the release of the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, have announced details of discounts for hotels in the cities visited by Bond.

The 22nd film in the Bond series sees the English spy travelling the world making stops in Haiti, Austria, Italy and much of South America. Although one of the major action scenes of Quantum of Solace has Daniel Craig trying to escape an exploding hotel, there are actually several great hotel destinations mentioned in the film with those in the Italian capital ranking high on‘s list of top romantic getaways, with up to 30% discounts being offered on many Rome hotels, ideal for film fans wanting to relive the film.

In a separate list produced by, four of Bond’s hotels were selected as the best for film fans to visit. Two four-star hotels in America – Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas and Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel – were picked alongside two five-star hotels – India’s Taj Lake Palace (Octopussy) and the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg (Tomorrow Never Dies).

All these hotels see pivotal scenes in their films and offer fans then chance to see where the action happened. The Hilton Hotel is where the filming for the Whyte House . in Diamonds Are Forever took place, Oddjob gave a gold makeover to Jill Masterson in Fontainebleau Hotel in Goldfinger, Taj Lake Palace saw Bond fall in love with leading lady Maud Adams in Octopussy and the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski was the location in Tomorrow Never Dies that saw Pierce Brosnan’s famous rooftop climb.

As well as the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski, Brosnan’s role in Tomorrow Never Dies saw him take in some of Europe’s finest sights and other London hotels. Some of those hotels featured in the film have also made their way on to’s list of recommended European breaks, in addition to some of the Paris hotels seen in Roger Moore’s last film as Bond in the 1985 classic, A View to a Kill.

While a View to a Kill was Moore’s last film as Bond, his first as 007, Live and Let Die, saw him travelling around much of America and the fictional country of San Monique. New York was the first US City visited by Moore in the film and the Big Apple provides a big focus for, providing 30% discounts on many New York hotels until the end of the year including family friendly, boutique and romantic lodgings.

About is the world’s most visited hotels bookings site and the global hotels specialist. Operating in all major markets with dedicated staff, offers 80,000 quality hotels worldwide. If a customer can find the same deal for less on a prepaid hotel, will match it. also has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, plus user reviews of its properties.

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Toursbylocals.Com Lets Independent Travelers Who Want To Do More Than Just ‘See The Sights’ Connect With A Local Person For An Authentic, Local Experience

A new website launched this week lets independent travelers who want to do more than just ‘see the sights’ connect with a local person for an authentic, local experience.

The concept has benefits for both the traveler and the local residents who provide the tours. As company President, Paul Melhus puts it, “It’s a much better travel experience when you see the reality of a place through the eyes of a local. It’s also great to know that you’re benefiting the community you visit. Travelers who purchase tours through ToursByLocals know that the money they spend goes directly into the pocket of the tour guide.

The website offers a convenient way for local tour guides to promote their travel services and for travelers to search for tours that interest them and check out how other travelers rated them. Through the website, travelers book tours directly with the guides, while ToursByLocals provides customer service, payment processing and forwarding of money onto the tour guide, once the tour is complete. The company is also there in case of problems.”

Tour guides are encouraged to set up unusual tours that reflect their interests and passions. Tours are priced per tour, not per person and travelers are encouraged to rate their tour once it is complete.

In its initial launch, ToursByLocals features tours in Vancouver, Canada, Saint Petersburg, Russia and Moscow, Russia. Travelers will find a variety of private tours, from sightseeing city tours with their own local guide, to such things as dinner with a local family or a hike in the mountains.

As the business develops, the company will expand to other areas of the world.

About ToursByLocals
Launched in 2008, helps travelers get a better travel experience while directly benefiting the people who provide those travel experiences. Our traveler customers want to do unique things, experience the reality of a place and its culture through the eyes of a local person. They have a sense of adventure, are socially conscious and want to see their travel spending directly benefit the people who live in the communities they visit.

Our tours guides want to earn income by providing the experiences travelers are seeking. They are entrepreneurial, passionate people who are proud of the place they live. We serve those already in the travel industry as well as people who may not have been able to participate before.

We provide these services through The website offers a convenient way for tour guides to promote their travel services and availability and for travelers to search for suitable tours and find out how other travelers rated them. We handle the marketing of the tours, booking process, customer service, payment processing and forwarding of money onto the tour guide.

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Embassy Suites Portland – Washington square has announced they will be giving guests discounts off their Best Available Rate when they take advantage of Portland’s TriMet MAX Light Rail Line

In times like these, every little penny pinched is a gift, but when cash savings come packaged with convenience and luxury, it’s a deal that cannot be missed. Embassy Suites Portland – Washington Square, has announced that it is offering a little extra incentive to guests to get out and see the world while being kind to the earth – and their finances.

Guests at the Embassy Suites Portland – Washington Square are being offered 10%* off the Best Available Rate when they use the TriMet MAX Light Rail System to reach the hotel and show their ticket upon check-in. Reserving rooms with this option is possible by booking online or by calling 1-800-EMBASSY and asking for rate plan L-MAX. A MAX Light Rail map is posted on the hotel’s home page.

Many guests who travel to a new city think of a cab or a car rental as the only way to travel from the airport to their hotel, but in lush, green Portland, there are better – and more economical – options. By utilizing the TriMet MAX Light Rail Line, guests pay just two dollars to reach the hotel from the airport, resulting in substantial savings compares with various other methods of transport. Located just outside of the airport, the rail line offers easy transport to the hotel by dropping guests off at the Beaverton Transit Center. A complimentary shuttle service then takes guests directly to the hotel. The Hall Street Station is also opening in early 2009, which will add an even greater convenience by dropping guests just two blocks away from the hotel.

“Our hotel has recently undergone renovation, which means we’re able to offer top-of-the-line accommodations with the 10% discount that we offer to guests who use the Light Rail,” said director of sales Melissa DelBalzo. “During these tough economic times, we wanted to help our guests get the best deals possible while still feeling like they’re getting pampered on the road. The savings of staying at an Embassy Suites really add up when you consider the cost of a cooked-to-order breakfast, light snacks, and free drinks of your choice – all of which we provide as a standard amenity to our guests.”

As the fourth largest hotel in Oregon, the Embassy Suites Portland – Washington Square is located only minutes away from downtown Portland on a unique property directly beside Portland’s premiere tax-free shopping experience, Washington Square. A complimentary shuttle is offered to guests for the one-block distance between the hotel and Washington Square in case of rain or heavy shopping bags. With such a central location, attractions such as the Oregon Zoo, Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, and the Rose Garden – home of the Portland Trailblazers – are close by.

Business travelers to Portland will be pleased to see that they are within a few miles of Portland’s biggest corporations, such as IBM, Intel, Verizon, Mentor Graphics, and Tektronix.

About Embassy Suites Hotels
Founded in 1984, Embassy Suites Hotels defines the upscale, all-suite segment and today has 195 hotels, with an additional 60 in the pipeline. With spacious two-room suites, engaging team members and an inviting atrium environment, guests are allowed to put their feet up and feel right at home.

Hilton Hotels Corporation is the leading global hospitality company, with more than 3,000 hotels and 500,000 rooms in 74 countries and territories, including 135,000 team members worldwide. The company owns, manages or franchises a hotel portfolio of some of the best known and highly regarded brands, including Hilton, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Grand Vacations, Homewood Suites by Hilton and The Waldorf=Astoria Collection.


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