Hiring a car on holiday still seen as getting more value for money with RitmoCars customers

The recession has brought change to the lifestyles of many. However, travelling is a pastime seemingly sustainable, despite cuts to purse strings, and last year illustrated a turn to car hire as a way of seeing exotic destinations at a fair price.

The Mediterranean islands in particular, are a popular location. Its islands have a long tradition of offering amenable deals, and car hire companies, perfect for travelling through the Mediterranean’s various corners and coves, appear to be thriving.

No island is more exotic and appealing than Ibiza, and it is an island that has far more to it than clubs and glamorous all-night and all-day parties. There are spots to this location that are notably worth discovering with car hire in Ibiza. Alongside Ibiza Town is San Jose, an artistic side to the buzzing island. A car allows travellers to tailor their holiday to the sites and trips that suit them.

Booking early ensures the cheaper and better-valued deals. For travellers, research before booking ensures there are no nasty or expensive surprises at the other end. Also to be considered are the mechanics of your booking: with time on your side check insurance coverage, any hidden taxes and GPD systems; highly useful if ever lost abroad.

RitmoCars, is a specialist car hire company who provide car hire for top European destinations, including the Balearic Islands. With an online booking form and a varied fleet of car models, RitmoCars provide car hire in Ibiza and beyond to keep you free of public transport stress.

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The Education Industry Convenes In Bahrain For Country’s Largest Exhibition In March 2011

DirectRooms.com highlights that organisers in Bahrain will be putting on the country’s most extensive collection of education and training services as part of a major trade event in March.

Being held in Manama, the Gulf Expo-Bahrain will bring together leading suppliers of equipment used in education to showcase the best domestic products from home and overseas.

Featured at the event will be stands dedicated to teaching equipment such as text books, presentation materials, projectors and audio systems used for learning languages; as well as state of the art information technology. Visitors will be able to see how the new systems have progressed allowing for a fully integrated network in classrooms.

Exhibitors at the show will also be explaining new programs and course structures to make learning easier for students. In addition research will show how different teaching methods can create significantly improved results in pupils.

More everyday supplies such as stationery, writing paper and scientific apparatus will also be presented while attendees can talk first hand with exhibitors about specific teaching instruments.

Visitors to the show will need to book hotels in Bahrain around 3rd March 2011 when the event takes place in the capital.

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Take A Breather With Ice Skating at Montparnasse in Paris

Travellers who tire of shopping and sightseeing in Paris could replenish their spirits by enjoying Ice Skating at Montparnasse.

It costs nothing to step out on to the ice and could be a great way for guests at hotels in Paris to relax and glide around for a while.

The huge open-air rink has been set up at the foot of the Montparnasse Tower and will be available to enjoy until March 5th 2011.

While there are sure to be a couple of expert skaters utilising the facility, people should not be worried they will be the only beginners, since the attraction is popular with individuals at different levels of expertise on the ice.

If tourists staying at nearby accommodation such as the Hotel Residence Villiers Paris do not fancy bringing their skates over to France they can hire the boots for €5 (£4.30).

Once visitors have finished skating, they could go up the Montparnasse Tower and enjoy a stunning view of the city, which will no doubt look magnificent on a clear day.

It is currently the tallest skyscraper in France at 210 metres.

The ice rink is open from 12:00 to 20:00 local time on weekdays and 09:00 until 20:00 at weekends.

If people still need to book accommodation for their trip to the city, they could use Hotels-Paris.co.uk to find a quality location such as Timhotel Gaite Montparnasse.

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Money-Saving Malaga Car Hire with Offers from Website Carrentals.co.uk

Lots of British travellers are using the latest deals from Carrentals.co.uk to save money on trips to Malaga in Spain for a sunshine break this coming year. The Carrentals.co.uk website is right now home to a range of new Malaga car hire deals to help people save.

As UK travellers begin to think about some sun and sand in the popular Costa del Sol resort of Malaga, the Carrentals.co.uk site is offering the cheapest car hire in Malagadeals to help them save a lot of money. The Spanish Costa remains as popular a destination as ever for Brit tourists.

UK consumers are aware that they can rely on the award-winning Carrentals.co.uk comparison service to get them bargain rental deals, and thanks to cheap air fares to Spain, logging on to Carrentals.co.uk for car hire Malaga bargain deals is the way to save even more money.

Gareth Robinson, Managing Director of Carrentals.co.uk, says, “With many Brits looking to forget the harsh winter currently in force in the UK, some sunshine on Spain’s Costa del Sol is just what the doctor ordered. To save on car hire deals from Malaga Airport our website is the perfect place to go to compare the web’s best value deals.”

Carrentals.co.uk compares car hire deals from up to 50 rental companies, including Alamo, Auto Europe, Budget, Holiday Autos and Sixt, in over 9,000 locations worldwide. To compare the latest car hire deals visit www.carrentals.co.uk.

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Attend First SPE Project and Facilities Conference in Doha

DirectRooms.com announces that on 13 to 16 February 2011 the first Middle East SPE Project and Facilities Challenges Conference will take place in Doha, Qatar, alongside the established Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium (METS).

The conference is organised by the Turbomachinery Laboratory and the SPE, the Society of Petroleum Engineers with the support of the Texas A&M University’s Qatar presence. The primary sponsor of the event is Qatar Petroleum.

The SPE, the Society of Petroleum Engineers is a non-profit professional association whose members are active in the development of energy resources and production. The conference is dedicated to advancing these sciences and will feature an exhibition as well as a specialist technical programme.

Presentations covering the world’s best practices in the fields of developing and producing energy resources will focus on smart design and effective implementation. The conference is a great showcase for innovation and also offers participant great networking opportunities in a specialist field.

Topics covered in the technical program include improving and enhancing oil recovery efforts, field development projects, project management, HSSE, mature fields and asset management. Speakers include industry professionals from Kuwait Oil Company, Qatar Petroleum and more. Academics from Texas A&M University, Sultan Qaboos University, Curtin University of Technology, Cranfield University and more will be covering various specialist topics.

Registration for the conference costs $995 which includes full access to all SPE and METS technical sessions. Members of the SPE can register for $995. For delegates who plan on staying overnight in a hotel Doha has a wide selection of rooms at affordable rates.

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Hell is Other Drivers States Latest Questionnaire

New national survey shows that British drivers are scared on the road because of road rage, violence and dangerous driving

75% of drivers find driving in the UK stressful or makes them angry

Half of motorists find British roads scary to drive on

Almost one in three drivers have been involved in road rage incidents

75% of people think that harsher penalties should be introduced for drivers who drive dangerously

27 January 2011 – Half of all UK drivers are scared to drive on the roads due to other drivers acting dangerously, despite numerous government campaigns on road safety, and nearly one in three people have been a road rage victim, according to the latest survey which questioned nearly 2,000 people.

The survey questioned people in Britain on their motorist and road experiences, and it found that 75% of people get angry and stressed because other people’s hazardous driving styles, said the conductors of the experiment Carrentals.co.uk, the UK’s leading car hire comparator.

It’s no wonder that people are stressed as 92% of people said they saw other drivers going over the 30mph speed limit; 80% were seen getting ahead on the motorway by weaving; and 77% of people saw drivers going over 70mph and tailgating on motorways.

Add in the fact that half of the respondents had seen cars driving up the wrong way of a one-way street; and reversing on a motorway had been seen by 17% of people, showing that there is a huge risk to other motorists.

Incidents of road rage from the survey showed that people were verbally intimidated, had their vehicle attacked, forced off the road, were pursued by another driver, and physical violence, which included bullying, kicking and punching. Also, 6% of the people that responded to the survey had been car jacked or knew someone that had been car jacked.

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Lace Up for the Paris Half Marathon

The Paris Half Marathon is coming up in March and is sure to attract plenty of running enthusiasts to the French capital.

While a full marathon may be a little too much for some people, a half marathon is seen as a more manageable – and often enjoyable – experience for individuals who want to prove or improve their fitness.

With the Paris Half Marathon due to take place on March 6th 2011, there is still time to book a stay in the hotels Paris has available and do sufficient training to manage the challenge.

According to the race’s official website, the first wave of athletes will set off at 10:00 local time on the day.

The 21.1-kilometre route starts and finishes at the Esplanade du Chateau de Vincennes and will allow participants to do some sightseeing in a new way.

If guests at accommodation such as the Hotel Montpellier Paris do not fancy putting on running shorts and taking on the challenge this year, they could cheer on those who have signed up for the race.

The record time for the Paris Half Marathon is held by Kenyan runner Joseph Maregu, who finished in one hour and 26 seconds in 2007.

Entry fees for taking part in the race range between €30 and €45 (£25.80 and £38.70).

For more information on this event, visit the Paris Half Marathon website.

Hotels-Paris.co.uk offers a wide variety of accommodation in Paris, such as the Pavillon Villiers Etoile Hotel Paris.

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Leading Maritime Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City During 9 to 11 March 2011

DirectRooms.com reported that Maritime Vietnam is the most comprehensive international business platform for all matters pertaining to ship building, marine services, engineering and port and supply chain management. The 2011 event takes place in Ho Chi Minh City from the 9th of March to the 11th of March.

A total of 3359 trade visitors from 19 countries and regions attended the 2010 event which featured a number of interactive events. It is expected that the 2011 event will deliver an even larger showing of international attendees from leading industry players.

One of the top attractions of this event is the networking evening where exhibitors, sponsors, delegates, speakers and VIP’s can meet to discuss industry developments and opportunities.

Interactive technical seminars are also expected to attract a lot of support for their practical insights, interactive discussions and well informed presentations about the latest developments and trends in the industry.

Registration for visitors is free and can be completed before the event or on the day. The event is organised by IIR, the Institute for International Research which is part of Informaplc, the British information services group.

Ho Chi Minh hotels will see an increase in bookings as the thousands of people attending Maritime Vietnam make bookings for overnight accommodation. Those planning to attend Maritime Vietnam are therefore advised to book in advance.

As Vietnam’s biggest city and the country’s economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City is the perfect place for such an important industry event. However the city is certainly not all work and no play, as those visiting Vietnam from abroad will have a wide range of activities to include in their schedule before, after or during the conference.

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India Hosts The 5th Annual International Research Conference in Pune

DirectRooms.com is excited to once again announce the Kohinoor Business School and Center for Management Research’s 5th annual International Research Conference.

Taking place on February 5th in Pune, Maharashtra, India the KBSCMR International Research Conference plans to host thousands of business professionals, academic professors, as well as students once again.

As its name implies, this year’s conference looks to primarily discuss Services Management as a whole, encouraging academic submissions and presentations to follow this theme.

This year’s event breaks down the topic of Service Management in several fields, including classic subjects such as Human Resource Management and Operations, to modern additions such as future trends and Information Technology.

Much like International Research Conference events in the past, the demand for academic papers is ever present. Selected participants will have the chance to present their studies and their findings, and be published on the event’s website.

Like events in the past, the conference keeps a strong focus on new academic material, new ideas, and new research. As such, officials have announced that there will be fewer keynote speakers with extensive histories, and instead a greater opportunity for the best and the brightest to present.

Lek Boonlert, Head of Marketing at DirectRooms.com said “Those looking for a Pune hotelshould research their selection well in advance to ensure a stay in close proximity to the event venue.”

Event registration is free of charge to both local and international students and professors, as well as spectators.

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China hosts The International Conference on Key Engineering Materials 2011 in Sanya between 25 and 27 March 2011

DirectRooms.com is glad to announce the official dates and host city for this year’s International Conference on Key Engineering Materials. Taking place in Sanya, China from March 25th through the 27th, the International Conference on Key Engineering Materials returns to China for another show.

The event’s focus will continue to be academic in nature, centered on offering engineering professionals and students alike the chance to share their findings and learn from one another.

“The aim objective of ICKEM 2011 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Key Engineering Materials.” said event organizers.

Unlike trade shows in the area, the conference’s main attraction is the presentation of scholarly papers from professors and engineering students both local to China as well as those studying abroad.

The event’s focus covers all facets of modern materials engineering, however a few presentations will stand out above the rest. New innovations in classic topics like machining and precision molding will take center stage, while modern discoveries in nanomaterials and nontraditional manufacturing will be seated to lesser auditoriums.

Lek Boonlert, Head of Marketing at DirectRooms.com said “With so many Sanya hotels available for rental, there are many options for travelers to select from. Travelers are free to search for low prices immediately in this city.”

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Holidays Tops The List of Financial Priorities

“It’s my life and I’m going to live it whilst I can”. It seems that despite the rising cost of living and the rise in VAT, in the current financial climate, we all place great importance and are willing to spend on our holidays.


Journeys of Distinction conducted a survey at the end of 2010 to find out how the current social and economic climate has affected our attitude to travel. We asked 1000 people some very detailed questions. Unsurprisingly, everyone thought holidays were important. 90% of respondents in our survey ideally wanted several holidays and breaks per year. And 60% of respondents would rather spend money on a holiday than a new car or home improvements.


Our survey revealed that it was those in the 40-50 age group that feel they work the hardest and that their money is for spending on well-earned holidays. They are less concerned about investments and more concerned about their health and wellbeing. It is the 60+ generation, however that are taking the most holidays, with some taking up to 7 holidays per year. They are dipping into their retirement funds and are taking time out to see the world. It is this generation who have supported their children through education and on to the property ladder. They now want to kick back, enjoy life and spend money on enjoying themselves. It is their turn to travel, to explore and take their own gap year.


We weren’t surprised to find that the economic climate has changed peoples attitudes to money. Clients want to know the true cost of products and services and know what they are really spending, with no loopholes. This has lead to an increase in popularity inluxury escorted tours, where the cost of most excursions and trips is included.

Journeys of Distinction offer organised escorted tours around the world. New Zealand escorted tours, South Africa escorted toursSouth America escorted tours, India, China and Japan are just some of the countries we visit. Detailed planning and attention to detail are part of the package and our customers get exactly what they are looking for.

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Shenzhen Hosts China International Gold Jewellery & Gem Fair 2011 During 26 February to 1 March 2011

DirectRooms.com can announce that the treasures of the world will be on display at the China International Gold Jewellery & Gem Fair in Shenzhen.

More than 12 different countries and 350 suppliers will show off their jewellery and gems from the 26th February 2011 to 1st March 2011. Enthusiasts, suppliers and buyers will meet to revel in all things fine and decadent at the Shenzhen Convention& Exhibition Centre.

Out for viewing will be jewellery from diamonds to pearls to jadeite, plus gemstone and jewellery timepieces. Visitors can also see the equipment and technology that goes into manufacturing, importing and exporting some of the world’s most stunning gems. Also scheduled to be on display are fashion accessories, handbags and beauty items.

The event should prove a good meeting place for professionals in the field. Whether visitors want to display or just make contacts, the fair should allow ample opportunity for both. Those who appreciate fine jewellery and carefully crafted gems will surely find a lot to interest them.

Airport hotel Shenzhen is one of many hotels located near the airports and conference centre. These hotels vary between five star hotels costing $150 a night to budget hotels costing just $20 a night.

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Taipei International Machine Tool Show During 1 to 6 March 2011

DirectRooms.com can announce the Taipei International Machine Tool Show will be held from 1st March to 6th March 2011. The machine tool show will set up shop in Taipei.

The show is one of the leading machinery fairs of its kind, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world and many exhibitors. It is organised by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.

Those who are already working in the machine building field can expect to meet others with similar qualifications. The show attracts an international array of guests who are professionals in the fields of tool and equipment making, fixture design, construction, automotives, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics and many other specialties.

Beyond allowing these machine tool professionals to mix and mingle, the show also offers demonstrations, lectures and other activities related to souring machine tools, welding and cutting equipment, metal forming machinery and industrial robots.

The event is set to take place in the Taipei World Trade Centre. The sprawling space offers ample exhibition space, conference facilities and even hotel rooms on some occasions.The centre has become an important landmark in the city. As the most frequently used exhibition centre in the world, it sees its share of important functions throughout the year.

A stay near the trade centre will also place guests close to other attractions in the city such as the New York New York Shopping Mall and Warner Entertaining Village. There is a wide range of Taipei hotels ready to accommodate those travelling to the show.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head of DirectRooms said: “Taipei is a well equipped modern city which will impress the guests with its impressive facilities and attractive buildings.”

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Israel Philharmonic Orchestra in Tel Aviv on 12 February 2011

On 12th February 2011, the orchestra will perform in Tel Aviv. The show will consist of pieces originally composed by Beethoven, Haydn and Liszt. Beethoven’s Leonore Overture no 3 in C major is just one of the classical tunes promised for the evening. Another is Haydn’s Concerto for Horn no 1 in D major, along with Lizt’s Concreto for Piano no 2 in A Major.

Leading the orchestra will be Zubin Mehta. Mehta has directed numerous orchestras and conducted more than 2,000 concerts during his illustrious career.

The concert will take place at the Frederic R. Mann Auditorium in Yafo, TA, Tel Aviv. The auditorium, which serves as the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s home, is sometimes referred to as “The Culture Hall.” It earned this name through its service as a concert hall for big names, like the orchestra, pianist Arthur Rubinstein and even Bob Dylan.

Tel Aviv hotels are located close to the venue. The concert’s location actually places it near to several other attractions as well. A stay in a Tel Aviv hotel can put guests close to all the action.

The coastal area has a host of parks, shopping, museums and theatres nearby. These include the Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park, the Dizengoff Centre and the Eretz Israel Museum. On top of this, there are many performance groups other than the orchestra who perform in the area. These include those who regularly put on shows at The New Israel Opera.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head of DirectRooms.com said: “Tel Aviv is famed as being a culturally rich place for visitors and residents alike to enjoy some word class entertainment while being assured they can take in the wide spread attractions of this city.”

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Major Music Festival Heads for Muscat in January, Resort Set to Boom

DirectRooms.com announces that Muscat will be a hot bed of musical talent at the end of January as it plays host to the Muscat Music Festival. The month long festival is a celebration of all forms of art and draws dome two million plus visitors to this attractive city in the Middle East.

Booking a hotel in Muscat is not a problem and there are an excellent array of places to stay, with a huge range of venues on offer for all tastes and budgets. The city is a hotbed of cultural activity and comes alive by night as the bars and restaurants attract the fevered exchanges of friends out having fun.

This is the sort of event that will be educational and fun, including sporting events as well as cultural so there really is something for everyone. There will be many different things to do for families and playful grown ups too. In addition a healthy dose of lectures will keep the information flowing, as well as music shows and an exciting array of theatre.

The festival will display the talents of local artists and noted personalities from the Arab world and provide an exciting insight into this rapidly developing part of the cultural world. It is in short an unmissable event on the Middle East calendar.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head of DirectRooms.com said: “This well-established music festival shows the wealth of creative talent in the Middle East and what a wonderful place Muscat is to spend your rest time.”

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Celebrating the Arrival of the Moroccan Spring

DirectRooms.com divulges that the end of the winter rains in Marrakech is marked by an international celebration of music and dance in the beautiful town of Tafroute. This is the official almond capital of Morocco and at this time of year the area draws many visitors because its remarkable almond blossom trees.

Tafroute is a classic Moroccan town, fringed by a vast expanse of scorching red desert and in spring time the town provides blessed relief from the oppressive heat and has some wonderful views. The town comes alive as a Souk springs up and traders fill the air with bargains and heady exchange, while in the darkened candlelit corners storytellers ply their trade and entertain the crowds. Throughout the festival the town is on full party mode as revellers dance between the towns red walls which seem to radiate from the heat between the pink cliffs and the Anti Atlas.

Getting a hotel in Marrakech is easy, as there is a vast range of options from bargain backpacker to five star honey moon, it’s all here. Visitors will be delighted by the quality of the rooms available and the high standard of service which will ensure their stay is even more memorable than they could have dreamed of at this magical time of year.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head of DirectRooms.com said: “Tourists will find this is a wonderful time to visit Marrakech and take part in the extraordinary festival of celebration. Accommodation is top quality and great value too”.

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Exclusive Stones And Rare Gems Are Showcased In Kolkata During 25 To 27 February 2011

DirectRooms.com reveals that an exhibition in Kolkata will be presenting the finest jewellery from the area featuring precious stones and highly sort after gem cuts.

Taking place from 25th to 27th February 2011, Kolkata Jewellery Show will be featuring many of Kolkata’s cutting edge designers who will be displaying new designs and current fashions to a large number of attendees expected at the event.

Visitors are set to be made up of the main buying houses from the region as well as private collectors looking for new pieces. Both men’s and women’s jewellery will be displayed at the show including collections of diamond encrusted watches, pearl necklaces and diamond earrings.

Exhibitors are set to display an extensive variety of jewellery including necklaces, ankle and hand bracelets, rings and piercings. Visitors can also talk directly with retailers about having custom made pieces designed, where people can choose different settings such as platinum and gold and the exact stones to match.

Attendees travelling from Kolkata hotels will be heading to the Netaji Indoor Stadium where all the designs are to be housed over the three days. With the high number of industry executives and buyers to the event demand for hotels in the area is set to rise.

Lek Boonlert, marketing head at DirectRooms.com commented: “Designers and shop owners from around India come to showcase their products at the event. As people look for accommodation while setting up for the expo, rooms are going to be limited, so people will need to confirm reservations early.”

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DialAFlight App Signals 2011’s Biggest Mobile Trend: Smart Travel

With 75.3 million iPhones sold in 2010 alone, the age of the Smartphone is well and truly upon us. One of the principle innovations associated with the rise of the Smartphone is, of course, the ‘App’.

There are already a plethora of apps catering to every conceivable aspect of modern living and the development of these often whimsical, frequently rather handy and sometimes near indispensable little applications is set to accelerate in 2011. One area that is sure to see a surge in smartphone apps this year is the travel sector.

Apps seem set to impact the travel sector in a big way and DialAFlight, one of the biggest providers of cheap flights worldwide, have lead the way by launching an iPhone application that gives some indication of how Smartphone technology can improve the traveller’s experience.

The free app, which provides users with a complete travel itinerary, updated flight status, a ‘find my hotel’ function and a guide to the best flight prices, was amongst the first in the travel sector to hit the market. This makes finding cheap flights to Bangkok, New Zealand, Cape Town and other exotic locations a dream to organise.

The smart phone allows users to have more control over their holiday experience. With utilities such as mapping, currency converters and travel updates, it promises to take the stress out of travel. No more back seat drivers or bad navigators, just enter your hotel details and let GPS take the reins.

Finding cheap flight details on the go is now so easy, there’s no excuse not to travel cheap. Confidence in the smart phone is steadily increasing and the ease with which flight deals can be checked, hotels booked, travel itinerary and travel guides downloaded is transforming the way we travel.

Find out more at http://www.dialaflight.com/mobile/iphonesupport.aspx or visit the iPhone App Store download the DialAFlight app today.

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Bargain Travel Deals for Winter on Show from Codes Specialist DiscountVouchers.co.uk

People considering a trip away this winter can now get more than ever for their money thanks to the latest travel offers on show from money-saving website DiscountVouchers.co.uk. The latest offers are there to help people save on a wide choice of transport, accommodation, free child places, upgrades and more.

Users can right now log on to the www.discountvouchers.co.uk website and browse:

Hotels.com – deal for up to 40% off Middle East & Africa Hotels People who book a trip before 30 April 2011 can enjoy getting up to 40% off the best hotels in the Middle East and Africa – including the five-star Sheraton Dreamland Hotel in Egypt and the five-star Riads Fascination in Marrakech, Morocco.

First Choice – £200 off per couple on Summer 2011 holidays Multiple ranges of the best resorts in the world are on show with savings in popular destinations like the Algarve, Cyprus, Menorca, Jamaica with First Choice. DiscountVouchers.co.uk site users can immediately enjoy £200 off per couple on trips for Summer 2011.

Hilton Hotels – up to 50% off Weekend Breaks When booking a holiday before 31 January people can get up to 50% off in the Hilton Any Weekend, Anywhere sale. The sale includes a choice of Hilton hotels in the UK, France, Austria, China, the Maldives and the Americas.

lastminute.com – up to 50% off holidays Cheap offers on the choice of lastminute.com holidays and hotels can be had on the site right now with a batch of money off deals for Hilton Hotels winter sun trips to Kenya and the Canaries.

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Try Something New at the International Agriculture Show in Paris

The International Agriculture Show is due to kick off in Paris next month and could be a great opportunity for travellers to enjoy some delicious culinary treats.

Running from February 19th to 27th, the event at the Paris Porte de Versailles will feature stands created by a huge variety of exhibitors offering food for visitors to try and installations relating to the agriculture industry in France.

The occasion could be an interesting experience for tourists taking a city break in a Paris hotel who want to be a part of a more authentically French institution, as the International Agriculture Show is hugely popular among residents.

There will be all manner of activities to take part in – with many of them aimed at children – and a variety of spectacles involving animals planned over the course of the event.

But it is not just farmyard beasts that are the focus of this show, attendees from nearby accommodation such as the Hotel Wallace Paris will be able to see areas devoted to plants as well.

Opening hours at the exhibition are from 09:00 to 19:00 local time every day, with tickets costing €12 (£10.20) for adults and €6 for children available online or on the day at the box office.

For more information on this event, visit the International Agriculture Show website or contact the venue on +33 1 49 20 45 12.

Hotels-Paris.co.uk offers a wide variety of accommodation in Paris, such as the Hotel Alyss Saphir Cambronne Eiffel Paris.

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