Chinese New Year in London in 2014

Chinese New Year in London is one of the most spectacular in the West with over 300,000 people expected to take part in the celebrations across the capital on Sunday 2nd February 2014 and if you’re one of them you can book one of the many London hotels on offer and stay in the city overnight.

This year, the Year of the Horse, Chinese New Year falls on Friday 31st January and the main London celebrations take place on the Sunday following, 2nd February 2014, with a number of free activities taking place in Chinatown, Leicester Square, Shaftesbury Avenue and Trafalgar Square .

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, Thursday 30th January 2014, the London Eye, the UK ‘s most popular paid for visitor attraction, will be lit up red and gold to celebrate the Year of the Horse and will be holding a special Chinese New Year event with traditional Chinese acts including Chinese opera singers and martial artists performing from 5.30pm.

On Sunday 2nd February 2014 the annual parade led by the Lucky Money God begins at 10am at Duncannon Street, moving along Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue before arriving at its final destination in Chinatown.

Chinatown itself is always at the centre of the Chinese New Year party in London with traditional craft stalls and food stands outside restaurants, lion dancing and, for the first time, the Chinese Community Centre will also be staging a mini festival in Horse & Dolphin Yard.

Trafalgar Square is a hub of entertainment for Chinese New Year; having been officially opened at 12 noon on Sunday 2nd February with speeches from special guests, there will be free music and performances on the main stage including a special variety show from the Little Red Flower Art Troupe, a group of talented children from Nanjing, China.

Madame Tussauds in London welcomes the wax figures of Chinese martial arts masters Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, who will travel from Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong and Shanghai to welcome in the Chinese New Year. The famous figures take up residence on Friday 31st January but the biggest celebration will be on Saturday 1st February when lion dancers perform and the historic building will be lit up in lucky red.

The British Film Institute is marking the Chinese New Year with a season of films from 3rd to 21st February by Feng Xiaogang, a man often compared with Steven Spielberg, and arguably the most successful filmmaker in China today.

London’s first ever Baijiu Cocktail Week kicks off on 31st January 2014 coinciding with Chinese New Year and carries on until 13th February with special Chinese cocktails created by Marlowe Harris, head barman from the Evans & Peel Detective Agency, available to sample at seven bars across London.

Many London restaurants will be celebrating Chinese New Year with special menus – you won’t have to go further than Chinatown to enjoy authentic Chinese cooking. But if you want to push the boat out go for renowned London restaurants like Hutong, Hakasan, China Tang at the Dorchester, or Min Jiang, the Chinese restaurant which occupies the 10th floor of the Royal Garden Hotel overlooking Kensington Gardens.

For more information on these and other special event celebrating Chinese New Year in London go to where a wide choice of London hotels to suit all budgets, information on restaurants, bars and cafes as well as all the major attractions is provided.

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More Travel press releases Butterflies brighten up the Natural History Museum this spring

Tickets are now on sale for  Sensational Butterflies, an interactive exhibition at the Natural History Museum that allows visitors to wander among hundreds of beautiful free-flying creatures. The family friendly exhibition returns to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington for a sixth year (3rd April – 14th September), housed in a specially constructed tropical enclosure on the museum’s east lawn. The exhibition explores the life cycle of one of nature’s most fascinating creatures – from crawling caterpillar to beautiful butterfly. It is one of the most popular annual features of the Natural History Museum’s programme and tickets cost £5.50. For more on this and other events at the museum, see, which is the best website for information on London events, exhibitions, hotels, restaurants and bars.

At Sensational Butterflies, visitors get the chance to through the butterfly house where they can spot caterpillar eggs waiting to hatch and get close to silk-like chrysalises in which caterpillars will be undergoing metamorphosis. There will also be the spectacular sight of being surrounded by hundreds of adult butterflies and moths, including species from all over the globe. The enclosure therefore offers a captivating insight into the science behind these colourful creatures and their unique life cycle. Visitors can then visit the Natural History Museum proper, where they can see world-class collections of plants, animals and minerals, including state-of-the-art animatronic dinosaurs, the legendary skeleton of a diplodocus and the lifesize model of a blue whale. For more on this and other events at the Natural History Museum, see for the latest news and updates.

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More Travel press releases Georgian joy in London’s Historic Royal Palaces

London’s Historic Royal Palaces – the name for a group of attractions that includes the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kew Palace and Kensington Palace– will spend 2014 celebrating the Georgians contribution to London life with a series of events across their premises. The Hanoverian accession, which ushered in the Georgian era, took place 300 years ago and this is to be remembered at sites all round London. These and other London events can be viewed at, London’s best website for tourists and visitors hoping to get the most out of their trip to the capital, with great tips on London’s best hotels, shops, museums, restaurants and galleries.

The Glorious Georges will take place simultaneously at three different Historic Royal Palaces, with each one focussing on a different aspect and era of the Georgian dynasty. All three will open on 17 th April. The court of George I will be remembered at Hampton Court Palace with an exhibition taking place in the very rooms that George once occupied at Hampton Court and featuring stunning re-representations of the Queen’s State and Private Apartments. Over at Kensington Palace, visitors will be able to explore the court of George II and Queen Caroline through a glorious transformation of the State Apartments, where the King and Queen would entertain guests in lavish style. The story will continue at Kew Palace, home of George II’s grandson, the future George III. George III is now best known for his ‘madness’, but this exhibition will focus on his upbringing, showing how this proudly ‘British’ king developed his intense patriotism and love of his country.

As well as these three exhibitions, all three palaces will also hold special themed garden parties, featuring food, costume, music and games from the Georgian era. At Hampton Court, this will take place on 26th & 27th July, at Kensington Palace it will be on 14 th & 15 th June and at Kew Palace it will be 16 th & 17 th August. For more information on this and other London events that will take place at the Historic Royal Palaces in 2014, visit, London’s best resource for tourists in the capital.

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More Travel press releases Dating + Math = True Love?

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on the calendar once again, it’s easy to feel you’re the only one that’s not about to be whisked away to a swanky London hotel or treated to slap-up meal for two. As Professor Tony Mann prepares for his upcoming lecture The Mathematics of Computer Dating, caught up with him to see if he’s got any advice for those seeking love.

1.  How do dating agencies pair up their clients?

They generally use mathematics to try to quantify how well suited people are by seeing how much they have in common.  [In my lecture,] I shall be talking about a slightly different aspect of the mathematics – how we can find partnerships where neither partner will be tempted to stray!

2. What can online daters learn from this talk?

They will learn a little bit about how, in theory, different strategies for assigning partners favour one gender rather than the other, and we will discuss whether the theory has lessons for real-life matching.  They may also learn about the power of online dating in helping one meet potential partners one would never have met otherwise.

3. So, is there a mathematical formula to true love?

Mathematics is so powerful that it can describe most aspects of life, but although I think mathematics can give us insights into aspects of love, there are still mysteries in true love which I do not think mathematics will ever illuminate.  Edward Frenkel, a mathematician who has made a film about a mathematical formula for love, has just written a very nice book ‘Love and Math’.

4. Do you think people should generally take a more mathematical approach to dating?

I have friends whose mathematical approach to dating has brought marriage and happiness, but, though I am a great believer in the power of mathematics, I would hesitate to advise people on this point.  Calculation and love may not always go together!

Professor Mann with discuss the The Mathematics of Computer Dating at 6pm, 17 February, at Barnard’s Inn Hall, EC2A 5HN.

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More Travel press releases Releases Safari Holidays Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda with emphasis to off road safaris

The busy season for August 2014 will see another boom and increase to road safari into Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda – Gorilla trekking. Travellers are advised to book early to avoid disappointment of not experiencing the great migration in the famous Maasai Mara National Reserve.

The appetite for safaris has greatly increased offering all globetrotters a variety to choose from. From the recently introduce VISA for Kenya and Rwanda one will just have to pay USD50 for entry into both countries.

The Kenyan tour company has optional safaris and tours as follows: 
04 – feb Nairobi city tour with lunch at carnivore USD120
30 JAN – 01FEB: 3 day MAASai MARA USD770
11 AUG – 16AUG – 6 days safari ndovu $1547 per person sharing

The company has introduced a tours selling point for all Nairobi City Tours Where one can book for one or multiple tours. The link to the tours store.

Travellers can request to be tailored for a safari depending on number of persons and their special requirements. The company is able to offer tailored safaris and tours to Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Zanzibar. Beach destinations include; Mombasa, Diani, Bamburi, Malindi and Lamu.

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More Travel press releases Legendary London boat prepares for new adventure

The Cutty Sark in Greenwich, the world’s only remaining tea clipper and a major London landmark, will open a brand new performance space in its lower hold on Wednesday, 29 th January. The lower hold once stored precious cargo of tea and wool, but in the evenings it will be transformed into a unique 85-seat theatre. The Michael Edwards Studio Theatre will launch this month with a fantastic programme featuring major stars such as Alan Davies, Griff Rhys-Jones and Ross Noble. The Cutty Sark is located in the heart of Greenwich’s World Heritage Centre, making it a great place for tourists to visit. Hotels in the area can be found at, the London website which promises to find the latest and best deals on London hotel room rates in London.

The Cutty Sark reopened after a major refurbishment in April 2012, and is now preparing for the latest stage in its reinvention. First built as a tea clipper, transporting tea from Indian to Britain in 1869, this three-masted clipper is the last of its kind still in existence. Visitors can walk along the decks following in the footsteps of the merchant seaman who sailed her over a century ago, or they can explore the hold where the valuable cargo was stored and even walk beneath the ship – suspended in mid-air – to get an idea of its scale and elegance.

The Michael Edwards Studio Theatre will ensure the Cutty Sark also has a vibrant life during the evening. The tea chests in the hold will be moved aside, allowing the central section to transform into a theatre, welcoming a host of renowned performers for cabaret, comedy, music, lectures and theatrical performances.

“Our aspiration is that the development of Cutty Sark as a flexible theatre space will enable us to reach out to new audiences who can discover the ship in a whole new way” says Richard Doughty, Director of Cutty Sark, who wishes for the Cutty Sark to become a unique new venue in the heart of Greenwich and London. For more information on performances at the Michael Edwards Studio Theatre, see

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More Travel press releases looks at some of Kenya’s best activities during 2014

The major economies being Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda and upcoming Rwanda. The best airline hubs are Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cairo and Casablanca.

Kenya safaris are the most sought after in the world for a long period of time. If you haven’t taken and Kenya Wildlife Safari then you have been left out in a lot of good things to do and see. Nairobi travel sites and activities have been made easy by tour operators where you can book online before you arrive and this makes it easier on E-commerce to book a Kenya Safari Tour.The other way you can see and learn more is by taking a Kenya Safari Package to any of the major national parks; one can combine several parks and reserves.

1. Culture: Kenya’s greatest asset, aside from animals, is its people, consisting of over 42 trips. The Maasai are the most well-know and still practice their traditional way of life, wearing the red robes and beaded jewellery for which they are famous. Not as war like as they once were, they still raise cattle and live by the land. Tribal life isn’t the only influence on Kenyan Society- colonial history is still evident and at the coast in particular culture is predominant.

2. Activities – on Land, on the water and in the air, Kenya has enough activities to keep the most experienced adrenaline junkie happy and some will demand more energy than others. The Marathons, Mountain trekking, golfing, hot air balloon and Carmel derby trekking.

3. Beaches Served by daily flights into Mombasa, Malindi and Diani Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline offers affordable introduction to Africa, perhaps the first timers who aren’t sure on what to expect from Kenya. The hotels from budget three stars to more exclusive five stars and private villas are largely all inclusive and serve all mixed nationalities. Safaris are the most popular excursion from day trips to the enormous large national parks

About is established in Kenya, incorporated in 2004. Its core business is safari packages and day tours complemented by air travel. It has a well established wealth of experience in arranging memorable tours and safaris and has established a client base that provides us with repeat business year after year. Comment on our blogspot; follow us on facebook, twitter or YouTube. Safaris in Kenya may be tailored to the tourist’s taste and can extend to Tanzania and Uganda.

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