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FIFA 2010 By Road To South Africa From Nairobi

The World cup this season has been given much needed attention. Being in Africa definitely shows solidarity soccer brings to the World. While most people will be seeing it through the satellite television because of the almost impossibility of seeing it live, also the fact that most flights from / to Europe are either closed or fully booked for the most important dates, there is another alternative travel. Fans don’t have to miss out on the fun and adventure. In fact, in some cases some football teams may be practicing in Kenya and later fly to South Africa to play their matches then come back to Nairobi.

It’s indeed a privilege for such a country that also embraces other sports champions in the filed of athletics’-long distance running, rugby, volley ball, lawn tennis and table tennis, golf champions, motor cross, safari rallies and so many others coming up. Its now wonder Kenya has the love shape as it embraces many cultures and people making it the ideal business hub for East and Central Africa.

We have put up an adventures package that commences from Nairobi to South Africa via Tanzania, Zambia and Botswana and to South Africa. A lot of preparation has been put up in terms of accommodation which will be all camping most places and also in food, security and transport. Just get your flight in and out of Nairobi in the dates stated that you should be arriving and departing and then you are on your way.

Kindly, arrange for your VISAS to the countries and tickets for the matches. The accommodation will be around Pretoria. Please note the services are provided by a third party and we are only assisting in booking and having you get a seat to South Africa.. so get on board soonest possible. For more information please send email to or

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