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Krystal Hauserman: I am thrilled the WFTA awarded me its top honor in the category of food travel blogging

LOS ANGELES, 2017-Apr-10 — /EPR TRAVEL NEWS/ — Taste of Adventure’s Krystal Hauserman has been named Best Food Travel Blogger by the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) as part of its 2017 FoodTrekking Awards for excellence in food and beverage tourism.

“Writing high-quality stories with thoughtful insider tips that help travelers access the heart and soul of a place by making meaningful connections with the local people is my passion, and food and wine is a great catalyst for making those connections. I am thrilled the WFTA awarded me its top honor in the category of food travel blogging for my content on Taste of Adventure!” said Krystal Hauserman, Founder and Director of Content for Taste of Adventure.

Rather than another “Top 10” or “Best Restaurants” list, the FoodTrekking Awards are unique in that they fill a void of recognition of excellence in experience in multiple categories within the food and beverage tourism industry. Food and beverage is the fastest-growing sector of travel, itself one of the world’s largest and most economically significant industries.

The multi-national judging panel included seven experts in culinary tourism.

SOURCE: Travel PR News

TravelFoodandDrink.com – Eating in 6 Countries in 24 Hours

Less than a day after attending the first European Culinary Tourism Conference in Vienna, Austria Steve Taylor the C.E.O. (Chief Eating Officer) of Boston based TravelFoodandDrink.com will be going on his own culinary tour.

His focus will be on eating a national dish, or local specialty in each of the six countries he travels through on the train, all within a time frame of less than 24 hours. This may not be so easy considering he has less than an hour in most of the countries where the train stops. Plus, the temperatures will be near freezing, there will be a language barrier, and he will be carrying his luggage at all times. His culinary tour will start in the pre-dawn hours in the darkness surrounding the train station in Brno, Czech Republic and end around midnight in Ljubljana, Slovenia where the most popular item on the menu at that time of night is a horseburger. Other stops include Bratislava, Slovakia; Vienna, Austria; Szombothely, Hungary; and Zagreb, Croatia.

Steve doesn’t recommend rushing through countries while on a culinary tour, and all of the countries he is visiting are worth spending time in, and discovering their regional foods and the people that produce them. He could have just stayed on the train and not even breathed the air in some of the countries, but decided instead to “taste” every country that he travels through. He also wants to create more of an awareness for an emerging trend in travel called culinary tourism. His website promotes culinary tourism, and encourages those who travel to seek out local specialties, and eat the national dish of the countries they visit. As Steve says “It’s a great way to preserve their heritage and learn more about the people and their traditions, plus you get to eat some great food with an amazing history”. Learn more about the national dishes and local specialties that Steve ate during his culinary tour once his tour is finished on March 5th.

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