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Catch the Cherry Blossom Fever with HolidayCity.com in Japan

Every year, from January to June, Japans’ landscape comes alive when thousands of flowers of the cherry trees bloom in earnest. Also known as ‘sakura’, the cherry blossom is believed to symbolize good fortune and signals the oncoming spring season. During these months, the local people and tourists would take the opportunity to visit many popular cherry blossoms viewing spots to partake in ‘hanami’ which literally means ‘flower viewing’. It is an important custom for the Japanese people that involve picnicking under the cherry trees and enjoying home-cooked or take-out meals with families and friends. Tokyo hotels are expected to enjoy healthy occupancy rates as they welcome visitors far and wide who come solely for the purpose of viewing the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Catch the Cherry Blossom Fever with HolidayCity.com in Japan

Cherry blossom festivals are held mainly between March and May and they offer a fantastic opportunity to not only view the flowers but also enjoy a variety of traditional Japanese performing arts, sample the local food, purchase specialty crafts and souvenirs, and participate in tea ceremonies held under the cherry trees. A major attraction at these festivals can be seen at night when the trees are lit-up, making the landscape appear almost ethereal and magical. In Tokyo, the estimated best viewing time this year is from 27th March to 5th April where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Some of the best places to view the cherry blossoms in Tokyo include the Ueno Park, that has more than 1000 trees lined up leading to the National Musuem, the Shinjuku Gyoen that offers a more serene environment for ‘hanami’ and the Inokashira Park that has a pond where boats can be rented to view the blossoms from the water.

Lee Lai Huat, CEO of HolidayCity.com, who acknowledges the attraction of the cherry blossoms said, “Anybody who’s planning to go to Japan for a visit should try to arrange it so that the trip coincides with the cherry blossoms festivals. The beauty of the flowers that bloom in the thousands would truly take your breath away. You’ll find yourself taking hundreds of pictures of every possible angle!” He went on further to remark, “Do the ‘hanami’ if you can. Just pick a spot under the cherry trees and lay out your blanket and food. But you need to be there early to reserve it. As homage to this natural wonder, HolidayCity.com offers great savings and discounts for Tokyo accommodation to enable more visitors to enjoy the festivals.”

HolidayCity.com offers attractive rates at the following Tokyo hotels and many others:

Comfort Hotel Tokyo Higashi Nihombashi (3 star)
Starting rate from JPY10800

Hotel Sunroute Shinagawa Seaside Tokyo (3 star)
Starting rate from JPY11200

Hotel Monterey Hanzomon Tokyo (3.5 star)
Starting rate from JPY11900

Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka Tokyo (5 star)
Starting rate from JPY20173

Royal Park Shiodome Tower Tokyo (4 star)
Starting rate from JPY21000

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HolidayCity.com Sails the Seven Seas at Paris Boat Show

The huge turnout of more than 260,000 visitors at the Paris Boat Show 2008 was a testament to its popularity and importance as one of the premier events in the French and international boat industry. This year’s event is expected to attract even more visitors as the global economic climate continues to improve and boating enthusiasts can again partake in their passion. The Paris Boat Show is an exceptional platform for key players in the maritime sectors to showcase their latest products, technology and equipments. Both local and foreign visitors, which include boating enthusiasts, amateurs and trade professionals, would again converge from 5th – 13th December 2009 at Port de Versailles. With such a large congregation, Paris hotels are expected to do a roaring business meeting their accommodation need.

At the Paris Boat Show, serious buyers and curious onlookers mingle together as they marvel at the diversity in goods and services being offered. Approximately 1200 exhibitors representing 1400 brands would be presenting their exhibits which would include the latest and newest models for items ranging from multimillion dollar pleasure yachts to engines. This attracts not only trade professionals but also private individuals who are keen to make purchases. This event is certainly a place where dreams come true. This year, there would be three dedicated pavilions which highlight different categories of the boating industry, namely, ‘Sailing & Tourism’, ‘Motor Boating’ and ‘Equipments’. Visitors would be spoilt for choice with 1400 boats on display including 300 new models, 600 motor boats, 500 sailing boats and 300 assorted small craft.

Lee Lai Huat, CEO, HolidayCity.com, remarked, “The Paris Boat Show is a grand showcase of the best and the latest in the boating industry. It is certainly glitzy and glamorous. You can expect to see major shipyards, motor boating key players such as Zodiac, marine outfitters and components manufacturers, and charter firms at the show.” He further said, “Without a doubt, the event is going to be a huge success this year. One of the highlights would be in the tourism category where visitors would enjoy fantastic offers for sailing excursions or holiday. With the large turnout expected, HolidayCity.com is more than happy to offer amazing room rates and discounts on Paris accommodation.”

HolidayCity.com offers attractive rates at the following hotels and many others:

Comfort Hotel Opera Drouot Paris (2 star)
Starting rate EUR70

Hotel de l’Europe Paris (2 star)
Starting rate EUR85

Hotel Renoir Paris (3 star)
Starting rate EUR108

Hotel Les Jardins D’Eiffel Paris (3 star)
Starting rate EUR130

Hotel Regina Paris (4 star)
Starting rate EUR225

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HolidayCity.com Runs with Champions at Singapore Marathon

The best of the best endurance runners in the world would make a beeline for Singapore come 6 December 2009 to participate in the world-class Singapore Marathon.

The event, held on the first Sunday of the month, would see an astounding 50,000 runners hitting the pavement for a chance to grab a total of the US$193,900 prize purse. Participants come from as far as Kenya and Tanzania, the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom and many other European and the neighbouring countries. Last year’s event attracted 2700 runners from over 60 countries, a testament to its international reputation. It was certainly a great boost for the Singapore hotels that would have seen good room demand.

Another great turnout is on the card with five categories being offered that ranges from distances of 750m up to 42.195km. They include the Full Marathon (42km), the Half Marathon (21km); the 10km – Men’s and Women’s, 10km Team and the 10km Wheelchair Race. Children are not forgotten with the Kids Dash categories that cater to those 13 years of age and below. Team spirit is also celebrated with the Team categories – Men’s and Women’s, which require each team of 4 – 6 runners to complete a 10km route. Runners can expect a scenic course that is both flat and shaded, taking them from the Esplanade Bridge, passing by some of Singapore’s historical sites, the charming East Coast coastal route, the towering skyscrapers of the Business District of Shenton Way to the finishing line at Padang. The route is especially great for supporters’ participation with many strategic places to watch and cheer their favourite runners.

Lee Lai Huat, CEO, HolidayCity.com, remarked, “Last year’s event was full of excitement and drama for both the runners and spectators alike. The presence of Luke Kibet, the reigning world champion who went on to win and set a new full marathon course record was definitely one of the highlights. Who can forget the 160,000 strong supporters who turned out to cheer the runners?” He further said, “There’s no doubt that the Singapore Marathon would continue to attract world-class athletes and thousands of running enthusiasts to this small island nation. And we at HolidayCity.com are happy to bring fantastic savings on room rates and attractive deals for Singapore accommodation to ensure a great time at the marathon for both runners and visitors.”

HolidayCity.com offers attractive rates at the following hotels and many others:

Fragrance Hotel Ruby Singapore (2 star)
Starting rate SGD53

Broadway Hotel Singapore (2 star)
Starting rate SGD90

Hotel Ibis Singapore on Bencoolen (3 star)
Starting rate SGD98

Golden Landmark Hotel Singapore (4 star)
Starting rate SGD140

Parkroyal on Kitchener Road Singapore (4 star)
Starting rate SGD110

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HolidayCity.com Doesn’t Judge a Book by Its Cover at the Munich Book Show

Writers, publishers and book lovers alike are set to congregate in Gasteig, Munich from 12th to 29th November 2009 and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular Munich Book Show. One of the more successful book shows in the world, this year’s event is expected to attract about 300 publishers from Germany and other German-speaking countries. About 160,000 visitors had been converging here in the last few years and this number is expected to increase in 2009 with many famous and renowned authors making their appearances.The city would certainly be an exciting and busy place for the entire 18 days with roaring business expected for Munich hotels.

Authors and publishers from all over the world would make a beeline for the book show with special evenings organized for readings and special presentations. Among them would be Spanish writer, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Gioconda Belli from Managua, and John Harvey and Robert Harris from the United Kingdom. Other respected authors that are scheduled to attend include Hans Küng, Frank Schätzing, Anselm Grün, Hans-Peter Dürr, Alfons Schuhbeck and Wladimir Kaminer. Other exciting programmes have also been planned to further attract the crowds. They include special evenings with Thorsten Havener who would demonstrate his amazing mind reading ability, and readings by Juli Zeh that would also feature the rock group, Slut. The book show is also a great opportunity for some of the authors who would get the opportunity to talk about their new books with the listeners of the Bavarian Radio.

One of the main goals of the Munich Book Show is to promote reading especially among children. With this in mind, children and parents can look forward to book readings, discussion and exhibitions. Especially noteworthy events would be readings by Cassandra Clare (with Claudia Engler) who would read from her book, ‘City of Glass’ and Zizou Corder (with Axel Milberg) for ‘Lee Raven’. Another not-to-be-missed event would be the appearance by Lucy Hawking, daughter of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking.

Lee Lai Huat, CEO, HolidayCity.com, remarked, “Book lovers are going to have a great time at the Munich Book Show. Not only would they be able to check-out the latest offerings from the literary world, they would also get the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with their favourite authors and attend special readings and other exciting events.’ He further said, ‘It’s a great place to bring your children and cultivate a love for books and reading. With thousands expected to attend the book show, HolidayCity.com is more than happy to offer great savings and discounts on Munich accommodations to make their trip more memorable.’

HolidayCity.com offers attractive rates at the following hotels and many others:

Creatif Hotel Elephant Munich (3 star)
Starting rate EUR65

Germania Hotel Munich (3 star)
Starting rate EUR99

Deutsches Theater Hotel Munich (3 star)
Staring rate EUR109

Holiday Inn Munich – Schwabing (4 star)
Starting rate EUR116

Platzl Hotel Munich
Starting rate EUR192 (4 star)

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Run the Marathon in Auckland with HolidayCity.com

Get ready to put on your running shoes and participate in the Auckland Marathon 2009 this November 1. This popular road race event, that typically attracts just over 10,000 runners from all corners of the world, was first held in June 1936 and became a yearly attraction since the 1960s.

The Auckland Marathon 2009’s route would take the runners through some of Auckland’s more famous locations before it finishes at Victoria Park. The starting point is at Devonport on the North Shore and continues through the shopping district of the North Shore City and a few other significant landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge, Westhaven Marina, the Viaduct Harbour and Auckland City’s waterfront before it ends at Victoria Park. The initial stage of the course would be more of a challenge than the second half with the hilly terrain expected to give some of the runners a rather tough time.

Auckland Marathon 2009 offers 5 categories which include the Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, the 5km Walk and the Kids Marathon. The top 3 winners of the Marathon and Half Marathon would take home a total of NZ$5000 and NZ$2900, respectively. Meanwhile, the jackpot prize money has increased to NZ$20,000 this year and this can be won by the persons that clock-in a better course times for both men’s and women’s categories as determined by the organizers prior to the event. Walking is a fantastic way to maintain and improve your heart’s health. What better way than to join in the fun Heart Walkers 5km Walk and make a charitable donation to the Heart Foundation at the same time? For children age 7 – 12, they get the chance to participate in the full marathon through a 8, 10 and 12 weeks training programme that would see them race the final 2.195km of the distance on the day of the Auckland Marathon.

Lee Lai Huat, Chief Executive Officer, HolidayCity.com, remarked, “Auckland is a modern, vibrant city that has many wonderful attractions to keep first-time visitors occupied and repeat visitors the opportunity to truly appreciate the New Zealanders’ zest for life. They also need not worry about finding a place to stay as there is a good selection of Auckland hotels to choose f r o m.” He further added “The Auckland Marathon 2009 is another fantastic event that attracts thousands of runners and visitors f r o m around the world. This year’s event is set to be another record-breaking event with 9000 runners expected to compete in the marathon and full marathon events. And HolidayCity.com is more than happy to offer great savings and discounts for our Auckland accommodation”.

HolidayCity.com offers attractive rates at the following hotels and many others:

The Langham Auckland (5-star)
Starting rate of NZ$171

Duxton Hotel Auckland (4-star)
Starting rate of NZ$129

Mercure Hotel Auckland (3-star)
Starting rate of NZ$129

City Central Hotel Auckland (3-star)
Starting rate of NZ$85

Arena Hotel Auckland (2.5-star)
Starting rate of NZ$84

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