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Stena Line Teams Up With Gary Pope To Ensure Kids Stay Happy On Car Holidays

Stena Line, leading ferry company, has announced that it has teamed up with London-based expert Gary Pope to advise holidaymakers on the best way of preparing themselves and their family before a car holiday.

Gary Pope is managing director of the British company Kids Industries. It’s Gary and his colleagues who advise companies like Nickelodeon, Unilever and Disney how to design their products and services so they appeal to children.

“People spend a lot of time in the car on a car holiday and it’s important as parents to make sure the children enjoy the experience as much as possible. Gary’s tips are often quite simple, but the point is that it’s often things that parents wouldn’t think of,” said Nigel Tilson, UK Communications Manager at Stena Line.

Gary, who is also an adviser on child studies to Oxford University, has listed a number of important tips for a successful car holiday with the children. Most of his tips are easy to follow with a little forward planning and Gary’s Top Ten Tips can be found on the Stena Line website.

Families taking car holidays this summer should start planning with the children a few weeks ahead of departure and buy a secret stock of surprises for them, according to the international child expert.

“Three absolute musts to have with you on a car holiday are the children’s favourite toys or cuddly toy, colouring books and a secret supply of mini surprises. The surprises can be used to portion out toys, books and games periodically, if and when the journey gets tedious or when arguments start in the back seat,” said Gary.

Tens of thousands of holidaymakers take car holidays each summer which include a ferry crossing across the Irish Sea with Stena Line. This summer is no exception, especially with fares starting at £79 single for a car and driver for midweek travel with kids going free. And there’s plenty for the kids to do once they get onboard. They can meet Curious George, enjoy a movie, have a fun time in specially-designed play areas – plus there are giveaways for kids throughout the summer.

About Stena Line:
Stena Line is the Irish Sea ferries market leader, offering the biggest ferry fleet and the widest choice of routes between Britain and Ireland, including Stranraer to Belfast, Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire and Dublin Port, Fishguard to Rosslare and ferries to Larne from Fleetwood. The company carries over three million passengers on its Irish Sea routes each year, more than its rival operators combined.

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Holidaymakers Should Be Careful To Compare Travel Insurance When Taking An Adventure Break, Says Insurancewide

People are increasingly seeking out the thrills and adrenalin rush of an adventure holiday and activities such as zorbing and bungee jumping are becoming more popular – even on a standard break. What holidaymakers don’t realise is they may not be covered under a standard travel insurance policy and should be comparing travel insurance providers to make sure they are taking risks with the right insurance in place, warns Insurancewide, one of the UK’s premier insurance comparison sites.

insurancewide - travel insurance

So before you embark on your next activity holiday – whether it be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or white-water rafting in New Zealand – take some time to look at your travel insurance policy and compare different options.

Take Risks But Not With Your Travel Insurance

Skiing is a common winter break and maybe not classed as ‘adventure’ as such, however in most cases it still warrants specialised insurance – a quick search will allow you to compare the differing policies for this type of holiday. If you suffer a fall, treatment in some of Europe’s most exclusive ski resorts could really add up, so it’s worth making sure you are covered. If you fancy trekking in Nepal or maybe climbing some of the world’s most stunning mountain ranges you will have many stories to tell – but you don’t want them to be of how much you ended up paying out as a result of an injury.

Even if you’re more of a fan of relaxing on the beach, you may have been drawn into trying a fun activity such as water-skiing or scuba-diving on the spur of the moment, without giving your travel insurance a second thought. After all this is what holidays are for – enjoying new experiences that come your way – however if you are keen to try a new activity, check and compare travel insurance policies to ensure you aren’t leaving yourself vulnerable if something were to happen.

When you compare travel insurance you may be tempted to tick ‘no’ to the list of activities you will be undertaking to take down the cost of your policy. Yet for peace of mind and the flexibility to travel somewhere a bit different, or try something new on your usual beach holiday, it’s extremely important to make sure you have the right travel
insurance in place.

About Insurancewide

Insurancewide, also known as Insurancewide.com Services Limited, is an online insurance comparison website offering insurance comparison tools which allow users to search the market and procure the best insurance policies and quotes. Insurancewide was launched in August 1999 as the first insurance comparison website on the internet.

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Your complete holiday guide to the best of Puerto Pollensa

New web site focusing on the popular resort of Puerto Pollensa in the Balearic island of Majorca has been recently launched in preparation for the winter holiday booking season.

The website puertopollensa.org.uk which is owned by a father and son, who along with other members of their family, have been enjoying holidays every year in Puerto Pollensa for more than twenty years and want to share the knowledge of the resort with future holidaymakers. The site offers detailed information about all hotels and apartments in the resort as well as information about bars, restaurants and things to do and see.

The site tries tried to answer many of the questions that holidaymakers who are planning to visit Puerto Pollensa, would be keen to have answers too. and there is even an FAQ section to help in this.

Additional features include a photo gallery which gives an immediate visual indication of hotels, restaurants, shops and local views. As well as maps and general information, tips and advice, which will assist those on holiday to make the most of their break from the very first day.

The site, is already proving to be popular with users and with that encouraging feedback, a second phase of the site is to be developed further near the end of the year.

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