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Corporate Hospitality Business THG Worldwide Launches New Blog

THG Worldwide, a Marcus Evans company and one of the largest corporate hospitality business in the world, announces the creation of its new blog to better help customers and the public stay up to date on industry and company news.

THG Worldwide Blog is the official source for news related to THG Worldwide, events hosted by THG Worldwide, and other news and information related to corporate hospitality. Blog entries will inform consumers how THG Worldwide teams corporate hospitality with premier international sporting events, such as the US Grand Prix, World Cup Soccer, Masters, US Open and the Final Four. Currently, the blog feature important information regarding the hospitability features of the Chinese Grand Prix.

The new THG Worldwide blog is just another way THG Worldwide lives up its reputation as leading company in the provision of corporate hospitality. Not only does THG have the unique ability to provide a global reach through a network of 63 offices and 3500 employees worldwide, they are part of Marcus Evans, a company that has emerged as a dominant force in the delivery of strategic business information. The combination of THG’s expertise and Marcus Evans’ distinctive styles helps set THG apart from their competitors as they provide access to over 1500 events each year and fulfills their mission statement that each client receives the highest quality of service.

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